North African Ostrich Recovery Project: Setting Up New Facilities

In partnership with the Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN), Kellé, Niger, created by SCF a few years ago. SCF’s ambitious goal to reintroduce the species into the wild. The recent installation of a solar-powered hatchery and incubation unit is now allowing the organization to get closer to this goal. 

The containers have been successfully brought from the United States to Niger. The first is dedicated to the incubator, the second to the hatchery, the third is an office and a fourth one of all houses of the electrical equipment. A 2-week mission has been made to improve these facilities. In addition to SCF staff and members of WCN, the team is working on a system of operations.

The 110 solar panels on the containers, including 5 air conditioners – which are absolutely crucial to ensure optimal performance of the infrastructure.

Adequate humidity level is also mandatory to ensure successful incubation. That’s why pipes were used to connect the containers to a water drilling site located about 1 km away. 

A satellite system will also be set up by the US-based engineers. 

These facilities are expected to increase the ostrich birth rate, but also improve the working conditions on site. A good news for everyone! A good news for everyone!