Sahara In The Spotlight – The Legacy of Erg | Reg

The Sahara Conservation Fund’s (SCF) recent participation in the publication of researcher and photographer Ugo Mellone’s latest book – Erg | Reg – was done with the aim of increasing awareness of the Saharan region. The book offers a new perspective on the desert ecosystem, focussing on extinct or critically endangered species such as the addax and the scimitar-horned oryx.

Since the book’s publication in late 2020, elements of it have featured in a range of different media, including the French magazine ‘Geo’, the Spanish magazine ‘El Pais Semenal’ and the Italian magazine ‘Asferico’.

It has also featured in ‘New Scientist’, with a recent article touching upon some of the photographs Mellone captured of Cuvier’s gazelles. The article explains how the photos were taken, as well as going into detail about why this species – along with other large Saharan animals – is struggling to survive. Furthermore, Ugo Mellone’s work and photographs have been included in ‘BBC Wildlife Magazine’. This particular publication featured the work of SCF alongside Mellone’s, helping to bring the efforts of SCF to audiences around the world.

The success of Erg | Reg therefore has positive implications for the Saharan region and its wildlife, as well as for the people and cultures who depend on it. Many inhabitants of the Sahara live nomadic or pastoral lifestyles and the health of the ecosystem is key to their livelihoods. As more people understand the plight of the Sahara and are made aware of the work SCF is doing to improve the fortunes of this unique environment, the better its chances will be in the long-run.

Ugo Mellone’s book, Erg | Reg, is still available for purchase online here.