Read Sandscript #31!

Dear readers,

We are really happy to introduce you to the 31st issue of Sandscript, the bi-annual publication of Sahara Conservation!

This issue is celebrating the amazing diversity of birds, large and small, that inhabit the Sahel and Sahara or pass through on their annual migrations.

The Sahel-Sahara zone is highly important to endemic and poorly known aridland specialists, and provides vital feeding and water for a multitude of migrant birds, large and small, that cross the Sahara annually.
Beyond their intrinsic value, birds are also valuable indicators of environmental health and pressures. Documenting the rich variety of local and long-distance migrant water birds that depend on temporary wet season wadis and pools clearly underlines the importance of these habitats and the need for their protection.

We would like to thank the authors for their contributions to this Sandscript: Tim Wacher, Cloé Pourchier, Abdoul Razack Moussa Zabeirou, Latifa Sikli, Caleb Ngaba Waye Taroum, Firmin Dingamtebeye and John Newby.

We hope you enjoy reading this new issue!