Another 75 Scimitar-Horned Oryx Released In Chad

February 2018: New Oryx Release

75 new scimitar-horned oryx have been flown from Abu Dhabi to Chad on Mid-February, as part of the Chad oryx reintroduction project.

As with each release, the animals are given some time to get used to their new environment ; they will remain in the pre-release pen for a few months. On the wet season, they should be released into the wild to join the oryx already out there.

Again, the team working with the Sahara Conservation Fund was incredible : Environment Agency-Abu Dhabi, Wildlife Service of Chad, staff of the Ouadi Rimé-Ouadi Achim Game Reserve, the Chadian army, the French army in Abéché, the Geyser company for logistics.  


The February-March period has then been dominated by a series of new births among the released oryx at the beginning of the hot dry season. Tim Wacher, our expert on the ground, (Zoological Society of London, member of the Science and Conservation Committee) is paying close attention to these births. Assessment of calf production and survival will be key information.

Photos © Tim Wacher / Zoological Society of London


To date 27 wild births have been detected, with more expected. At the end of March 2018, the wild population is at or very close to 105. There are 76 oryx in the pre-release pens comprising 74 delivered from EAD in February 2018.

With new births expected in the days to come, there is great hope to soon have over 200 oryx in country!