21st SSIG Meeting: Videos and proceedings

Since 2001, the Sahel and Sahara Interest Group (SSIG) meeting has been a regular forum for everyone working in wildlife conservation within the arid areas of North Africa and the Middle East.

The meeting provides an opportunity to bring people together to share ideas and projects, and to continue a strong tradition of collaboration on behalf of Sahelo-Saharan wildlife and people.

This year’s meeting was held online once again due to sanitary reasons, and included a series of presentations covering a large range of major issues in Sahel and Sahara.

The themes ran from the large issues of “Protected area management models, Human-wildlife interactions and opportunities in the Sahelo-Saharan biome” to “Adapting to changes in livelihoods, technologies and attitudes” to, “Biological studies and conservation of wildlife and habitats”.

More than 210 people from 37 different countries registered for the meeting!

We wish to continue to use the SSIG family to help it pursue its strategic objective of championing conservation in the Sahel and Sahara. SaharaConservation is grateful to everyone who joined, for their support and future help in promoting the urgent and massive needs for biodiversity conservation and sustainable development in the region.