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Relatively short-legged, stocky antelope (95-105 kg) with long corkscrew horns. Strong facial markings and distinctive mop of dark brown hair. Coat colour changes from bright white in summer, hot season months to darker grey in winter.

species biology
Highly adapted desert-dweller. Pale coloration and large hooves are adaptations to hot sandy habitat. Nomadic species, exploiting ephemeral annual pastures and more permanent perennial grazing. Movement out of the desert during periods of drought or during hot season in search of shade and grazing.

Forms small mixed herds of up to a dozen individuals, although larger groupings do occur in areas of favourable grazing or during seasonal movements to new pasture.
species habitat

Inhabits sandy desert with dune fields and firmer sand sheets. Strong seasonal association with areas of perennial desert pastures composed of tussock grasses (Stipagrostis spp.) and succulent thorn scrub (Cornulaca).

species distribution

Distribution currently restricted to a narrow band of desert between eastern Niger and western Chad. Possible vagrants from Niger to southern Algeria. Situation unknown in former strongholds in Mauritania.

species conservation
species protection

Critically Endangered with probably less than 300 in the wild. Last major population of around 200 in the Tin Toumma desert of eastern Niger. Appendix I species on both CITES and Migratory Species conventions.

species priorities
  1. Secure remaining wild populations in Niger and Chad
  2. Boost scientific management of captive populations in Africa and elsewhere
  3. Reintroduction to suitable secure protected areas in former range states
species references

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