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Sandscript - Issue 21

A new design, new-born oryx, new sightings of addax, new initiatives to restore the African ostrich: yes, something feels different with Sandscript 21! But like the previous issues, Sandscript 21 still embodies our own special way of showing how proud we are to have come so far, to thank our donors and supporters for that, and to keep everyone informed of our conservation work.

Sandscript - Issue 19

Welcome to this special issue of Sandscript focussing on the very recent and highly successful return of scimitar-horned oryx to the Republic of Chad after an absence of almost three decades.

Sandscript 9

This issue of Sandscript, like all the others, underlines and illustrates the progress being made to increase our understanding and ability to conserve the wildlife and habitats of the Sahara and Sahel. Articles on the world’s biggest bird, the North African ostrich, the vultures and bustards of the Sahel and the dama gazelles of Chad all bring hope and encouragement.

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