SCF Officially Partners With Morocco To Improve Management Of Endangered Mammals Source Populations

After having been invited to Morocco to visit key sites for the conservation of some of the most endangered Sahelo-Saharan species during the spring of 2018, SCF is very happy to announce the signature of a new collaborative agreement with the Moroccan wildlife authorities. 

SCF and Morocco’s High Commission for Water and Forests and the Combat Against Desertification (HCEFLCD) met in Rabat on June 26 to sign a cooperative agreement and memorandum of understanding.  The MOU paves the way for SCF and its partners to assist Morocco in the implementation of its national wildlife strategy, with a special focus on the constitution and management of valuable source populations of addax, scimitar-horned oryx, dama and dorcas gazelles, and ostrich.  Implementation of the partnership is already underway and a number of site visits to inspect and advise on captive-bred wildlife and their habitat have already been undertaken.

In July, two members from Morocco’s wildlife department visited the oryx reintroduction project in Chad to see first-hand how operations were going and to assess what lessons and techniques could be adopted in the Moroccan context.  In January 2019, a further fieldtrip to Morocco will be undertaken to assess protected areas in the southern part of the country.

SCF will be sharing all the news about this exciting and important new collaboration, stay tuned for more updates!