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News from the 8 recently translocated West African giraffes in Niger

8 West African giraffes (3 males and 5 females) (Giraffa camelopardalis peralta) were recently translocated from their current distribution zone, from the area of Kouré 60 km south-east of Niamey, to the Gadabedji Biosphere Reserve more than 800 kilometers away. As part of Niger’s national West African giraffe conservation strategy, the aim of this operation was to have a new population set in a secure and well-managed area - which is actually located within the former range area of the species.


The Giraffe Conservation Foundation - Sahara Conservation Fund (GCF-SCF) team conducted a monitoring mission in the Gadabedji Biosphere Reserve in March. During this mission, the team managed to observe all of the translocated animals, which seem to have perfectly adapted to this "new" habitat after an absence of 50 years.


         Giraffe monitoring      Giraffe monitoring 2


The eight giraffes had been split into two groups of 4 to facilitate their journey across the country, but they quickly, instinctively, reunited once arrived. They now wander around the Acacia trees and other plant species they particularly enjoy eating, such as the Acacia raddiana, Acacia niloticaZizihpus mauritania, Maerua crassifolia.


Every other day, they go to the pond of Filio, located in the central area of the reserve, to fulfill their water requirements.

Definitely a smooth and well-monitored adaptation, thanks to the collaboration of the local population (with people often reporting on their latest encounters with the animals) with the community agents recruited by GCF and the Niger Fauna Corridor Project!