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SCF Technical Reports

Reports on SCF funded or implemented wildlife surveys and inventories across the Sahara and Sahel. The reports contain information and data you will find nowhere else.

SSIG/ZSL Technical Reports

Pre-SCF technical reports of a series of SSIG/ZSL funded field surveys to Niger and Chad.

CMS Technical Reports

Reports, documents and technical papers pertaining to the CMS Concerted Action for Sahelo-Saharan Mega-Fauna.

No report available

Oryx Conservation Strategy

Documents pertaining to the process of developing a new global strategy for the conservation and restoration of the scimitar-horned oryx.

No report available

SCF Pan Sahara Wildlife Survey

Technical reports on wildlife survey work carried out by SCF under its Pan Sahara Wildlife Survey (PSWS) project.

Termit Research Reports

Technical and research reports produced in the framework of the Termit / Tin Toumma conservation project in Niger.

IUCN Reports

A selection of IUCN technical reports and papers relating to deserts.

Saharan Carnivores Project

No report available

Dama Gazelle Conservation

No report available