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Sahelo-Saharan Interest Group

About SSIG

SSIG goals
SCF is committed to maintaining the unique role that SSIG plays as a forum for people to meet, network, share information and build strong partnerships for Sahelo-Saharan conservation.

Annual meetings
The Sahelo-Saharan Interest Group (SSIG) was established in 2000 to bring together people and institutions working on the conservation of Sahelo-Saharan wildlife. Group meetings have been held annually in :

Almería, Spain (2001), Bratislava, Slovakia (2002), Agadir, Morocco (2003), Souss, Tunisia (2004), La Haute Touche, France (2005), Douz, Tunisia (2006), Hanover, Germany (2007), Al Ain, United Arab Emirates (2008), Marwell Wildlife, UK (2009), Algiers, Algeria (2010), Almería, Spain (2011), London, United Kingdom (2012), Agadir, Morocco (2013), Porto, Portugal (2014), Barcelona, Spain (2015) and Abu Dhabi, UAE (2016)

Annual Meetings since 2000

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SSIG 2000
SSIG 2001
SSIG 2004
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