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Dear Colleagues,

Please find a selection of the communications presented during the last SSIG annual meeting in Abu Dhabi, from May 01 to May 05 2015.


Abagana : Projet Niger Fauna Corridors : Expérience de l’Aménagement d’un Corridor de Faune en Zone Sahélo-Saharienne.  -  [Download ->doc657]

Amoura : Conservation de la biodiversité d’intérêt mondial et utilisation durable des services éco du projet durable des services éco systémiques dans les parcs culturels en Algérie. - [Download ->doc669]

Azar and Hingrat : Sudden increase in population size caused by population reinforcement: does it affect long-term survival of established birds? - [Download ->doc665]

Banfield et al. : Genetics analysis to support the conservation of the sand cat. - [Download ->doc673]

Bensaci : Wildlife diversity and identification of relevant species forconservation in the El Hodna region (Algeria) -  [Download ->doc651]

Bin Sultan Al Nahyan : Returning the North African ostrich to Tunisia. - [Download ->doc667]

Brito - BIODESERTS research group : Retrospective on growth, achievements, vulnerabilities, and future plans - [Download ->doc650]

Dieuleve and Hingrat : Dorcas gazelle abundance estimation in southern Morocco. - [Download ->doc661]

El Alqami :  Assessing the expected impacts of climate change on the UAE reptile Fauna -  [Download ->doc648]

Eyres : Conservation centers for species survival -  [Download ->doc652]

Hachta : Présentation de la Réserve de Faune de Ouadi Rimé-Ouadi Achim. - [Download ->doc668]

Hamissou : Evaluation de l’état de conservation de la faune, des habitats et des menaces dans la Réserve Naturelle Nationale de l’Aïr et du Ténéré (RNNAT), Niger. - [Download ->doc670]

Harouna et al. : Termit & Tin Toumma National Nature Reserve, Niger: outcomes 2014 & challenges. - [Download ->doc671]

Hingrat : The pros and cons in tracking large numbers of individuals: expertise from 20 years of Houbara Bustard monitoring. - [Download ->doc664]

Kuhl-Stenzel : News on the CMS front: COP11 outcomes relevant for Sahelo - Saharan megafauna and other policy updates - [Download ->doc653]

Karssene : Coexistence du fennec, renard roux et chacal doré dans la réserve naturelle d’Ouesd Dekouk, Tataouine - [Download ->doc654]

Marker et al. : Cheetah Conservation in the U.A.E.  -  [Download ->doc655]

Mękarska : Ex situ population of the fennec fox (Vulpes zerda) living in European Zoos.  -  [Download ->doc662]

Muzaffar : Determining the density and impact of red foxes on a colony of Socotra cormorants: a camera trapping approach.  -  [Download ->doc656]

Pinchon : Transboundary Sahelo-Saharan megafauna conservation project. - [Download ->doc674]

Senn : What is conservation genetics? Genomic analysis of the Scimitar-Horned Ory: What can big genetic data can bring to big conservation management issues?- [Download ->doc663]

Siam : Conservation de la faune au Tchad -  [Download ->doc649]

Silva et al. : Preliminary genetic characterization of two North African gazelle species: Slender-horned gazelle (Gazella leptoceros) and Cuvier´s mountain gazelle (Gazella cuvieri). -  [Download ->doc658]

Soy : Development of the Dama gazelle ({Nanger dama ruficollis}) in Alwabra Wildlife Preservation, Qatar, and How to address future efforts into the strategy and action plan for the species. -  [Download ->doc659]

Wacher : Aerial survey of dama The Chadian Manga. - [Download ->doc666]

Woodfine : Arid steppe restoration: interactions & Interdependency in Dghoumes National Park, Tunisia.  -  [Download ->doc660]