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Sandscript - Issue 21

A new design, new-born oryx, new sightings of addax, new initiatives to restore the African ostrich: yes, something feels different with Sandscript 21! But like the previous issues, Sandscript 21 still embodies our own special way of showing how proud we are to have come so far, to thank our donors and supporters for that, and to keep everyone informed of our conservation work.

This issue focuses largely on the scimitar-horned oryx project in Chad with two monitoring-related articles, but also on the outcomes of the aerial survey carried out in Niger in April to learn more about the remaining addax population.

Sandscript 21 also reports on the 17th annual SSIG meeting held in May in Senegal. We updated each other on our conservation projects and also spoke about what we are planning ahead for their success. The creation of an environomentally-friendly and energy efficient conservation camp to help save the endangered North African desert ostrich in Niger is a good example we chose to share with Sandscript’s readers in this issue.

Sandscript 21 also welcomes SCF’s new communications officer, Yasmina. These few welcoming words are completely in harmony with the previous Sandscript in which the latest development of SCF’s growing network and SCF-Europe’s establishment were mentioned.

Don’t hesitate to give us your feedback and enjoy the read!