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Sandscript - Issue 19

Hello Friends and Colleagues,

Welcome to this special issue of Sandscript focussing on the very recent and highly successful return of scimitar-horned oryx to the Republic of Chad after an absence of almost three decades.

The fruit of a long process of planning and investment, the oryx’s return and the challenges it will face in the years to come are described from three different perspectives. In our front page editorial, SCF Chairman, Dr Steve Monfort, describes the journey that has lead to this success.

Justin Chuven, of the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi, talks about the creation of the oryx “world herd” and the Abu Dhabi end of the operation that saw oryx returned to Chad.

Finally, SCF’s CEO, John Newby, describes the arrival of the oryx and the release into their holding pens  He also summarises the challenges they will have to face in the years to come.

For the addax the news is not so good and as Thomas Rabeil, SCF Regional Program Officer,  describes, newly carried out aerial and ground surveys in Niger provide further evidence for the recent decline of the species due to disturbance from oil exploration and military hunting.

Here’s hoping you enjoy the read and should you have any comments or queries do not hesitate to get in touch.

John Newby
Editor of Sandscript

Inside this issue:

  • They are back !
  • Oryx are back
  • The journey begins
  • Addax survey in Niger

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