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Sandscript 9

This issue of Sandscript, like all the others, underlines and illustrates the progress being made to increase our understanding and ability to conserve the wildlife and habitats of the Sahara and Sahel. Articles on the world’s biggest bird, the North African ostrich, the vultures and bustards of the Sahel and the dama gazelles of Chad all bring hope and encouragement.

I would also like to draw your attention to our new donate-on-line capability, accessible through our website. Donations can now be made via a secure PayPal connection. This will, I am sure, facilitate giving and at the same time respond to the many requests we get regarding on-line payments. Over the coming weeks we will also be adding videos to the site, another way of sharing with you the amazing variety of desert wildlife. Enjoy Sandscript and our website and please do let us know what you like and also what you think we need to do better.

John Newby Director

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