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17th Sahelo-Saharan Interest Group Meeting in May 2017

The Sahara Conservation Fund (SCF) gathers together every year about a hundred people who are interested in the field of Sahelo-Saharan species conservation. A wide variety of partners, scientists, and experts, coming from about twenty different countries, are involved. Protecting this rich biodiversity, which is still poorly documented and overlooked in comparison with other places on earth, is the main theme of these 2-day meetings, debates, presentations and discussions. The annual meeting provides a great opportunity to update all participants about how to preserve the biodiversity of the region’s ecosystems, and learn from each other’s experience.


This year, the 17h annual SSIG meeting was hosted by Senegal, a country that is particularly involved in biodiversity conservation.


More than 60 researchers, conservationists, representatives of wildlife authorities and internationally-known zoos, driven by collective enthusiasm, have met at the Hôtel de la Poste in Saint-Louis, Senegal. 


The attendees have had two intense days of conferences providing an overview of ongoing conservation work in the Sahelo-Saharan area. Oryx, gerbils, bustards, giraffes…. The communications have highlighted an exceptional diversity of species in various places of the Sahel and the Sahara.


We make these contents available through links in the program below. Please do not use these materials without permission as they are not copyright free.


A follow-up document is available too, in English and in French


Find also here a 7-video playlist of selected conferences along with the photo album.


Program – SSIG Meeting – May 4-6, 2017


Focus on Senegal

(in French) :

- Conservation de la biodiversité sahélo-saharienne au Sénégal

- Conservation dans la Réserve de Guembeul

- Perspective de réintroduction de Sitatunga dans l'écosystème terrestre du PNDS

- Conservation dans la Réserve du Ferlo

(in English) :

- Sea Cows in the Sahel: Research and Conservation on the African Manatee (Trichechus senegalensis) in the Senegal and Niger River Basins

- Participatory ecological survey of large mammals in the Boundou Community Nature Reserve, Senegal

- Positive effects of direct experience with critically endangered Western Derby elands within environmental education programmes in Senegal


In the core area of the Sahara and the Sahel

(in English) :

- Overview and update about the oryx project in Chad

- Post-release Monitoring of GPS Collared Scimitar-horned Oryx Reintroduced to the Ouadi Rimé-Ouadi Achim, Chad

- Data tools for conservation monitoring

- Updates from the field in Chad

- The oryx base camp

- Sustainable management of Sahelo-Saharan protected areas

- Monitoring of Arabian Bustards in Niger

- Assessing the impact of overgrazing on the habitat structure and food availability of the African Houbara Bustard

(in French) : 

- Feux de brousse au Tchad

- Cas du Mont Takoulkouzat dans la Réserve Naturelle Nationale de l'Aïr et du Ténéré (RNNAT) au Niger

- Suivi écologique et translocation des gazelles dorcas dans la Réserve Totale de Faune de Gadabedji


A short detour through Southern Africa

(in English) :

- Lessons learned from the Réserve Nationale de Gilé in Mozambique

- Albustan Zoo


Going North

(in English) :

- Monitoring the biodiversity of Tunisia

- High mortality of raptors by electrocution in South-western Morocco

- Desert refugia under a changing climate: Spatial and temporal patterns of botanical diversity in a hyper-arid mountain system

- A diachronic study on the evolution of the main ecosystems Tassili/Ahaggar cultural parks


And generally speaking ?

(in English) :

- CMS and the Sahelo-Saharan Action Plan 19 Years Later: Moving Forward

- Conservation, Security and Risk in the Sahara-Sahel Region


Emphasis on species

(in English) :

- Special session on dama gazelles and addax :

       > Antelope planning update

       > Cross-breeding experiment, Al Ain Zoo

- Saving the last West African Giraffes

- Small Sahelo-Saharan mammals evolution : case study of rodents of the genus Gerbillus

- A groundbreaking effort to save the endangered North African Ostrich in Niger

- Special session on ostriches

       > Ex-situ conservation of the North African Ostrich

       > Returning the North African Ostrich to Tunisia

       > Overview of the Kellé Ostrich breeding centre in Niger 

Follow-up document (English and French)